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  1. Click on the season above that you want to see detailed information for.            
  2. The selected season will open in a new window, on the Fixtures & Results page.          
  3. Use the tabs along the bottom of the page to view more information for any season in that decade :        
      The "FR" tabs display the Fixtures & Results (including line ups and goalscorers) and the final league table.      
      The "PS" tabs display the Players Stats (available in Surname, Appearances and Goals Scored orders).        
      For example, the FR80-81 tab displays the Fixtures & Results information for the 1980-81 season and        
                                 the PS80-81 tab displays the Players Stats information for the 1980-81 season.          
  4. After viewing the information, use the INDEX tab to select a different season or close the window to select a different decade.    
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