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  2019/20 Season Null and Void
PHIL BROWN steps down as Clitheroe manager (11th April 2020)



Season 2019/20 Review
Dear All,

As we now know that the 2019/20 season is now formally over, it felt like the right time to put down a few words on my first season as chairman of Clitheroe FC since taking over from Anne Barker after her years of amazing hard work in and around the club.

The most important message right now is for all connected with Clitheroe FC be they volunteers, players, managers, supporters or just someone who has supported from afar, to stay safe and to look after your families. There will be more games and seasons to come but for the minute let’s all make sure we’re around to enjoy them.

Since taking over in June 2019 I could not have asked for a better reaction to the changes in chairman and management team. Phil Brown was my instant first choice before I had even spoken to him; I had done all the necessary research needed and just needed to speak to the man himself. After over an hour on the phone with Phil I could tell just how much passion he had for football and how much he wanted to get back into it. Phil was handed a blank piece of paper and informed that this is the team you have to work with, the only targets that were set were we wanted to win more than we lost and for there to be a competitive team on the field. I think we can all agree that this target was met and then some. As directors and manager, we spoke about how if we got this right we would get the town behind us, and average crowds of 360 show we did as we planned.
I would like to thank Phil, Dave, Rick, Neil and every player who has pulled on the blue and white strip this season. I personally could not have asked for any more from a group that was put together in one pre season. I’m proud to have had you all in my first season as a chairman. I look forward to welcoming you back when we join back up in preparation for the 2020/21 season.

I would also like to thank all the volunteers who help make Clitheroe FC an amazing football club, from the guys who make sure the pitch and stadium is looking amazing, the ladies and gents who work in the clubhouse, grub tub and hospitality. The club would not exist without you amazing people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to thank Andrew and Chris for accepting me, working alongside me and for listening to my ideas.
There is still a lot of work to be done on field and off-field. We have well advanced plans for the replacement cover at the Shawbridge end and have submitted grant applications for further work on the ground to position us for an eventual move to Step 3. More information will be released once we start moving further down the line with this.

We still require the loyal support of the fans and sponsors in these uncertain economic times. If fans still come and support the club then the club will live on like it has for the past 140 years.
Sooner rather than later we will all be back at Shawbridge cheering on our team over a pie and a pint.
Again, thank you all for your amazing support and see you all very soon, but most importantly for now, stay safe.

Thanks Lee


Droylsden 0-4 Clitheroe

Terry Cummings 14' Daniel Wilkins 41' Tyrhys Dolan 67' Craig Carney 87'

Att. 350


See for match photos.

Backroom Staff 2019/20

Phil Brown (Manager) and Dave McCain (Assistant)
Rick Ward (Goalkeeper coach)


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